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Monday, 3 March 2014

Minotaur Casting Update & Chaos Warrior Plans

A short update on the BFM plans for 2014. The minotaur is currently at the caster being master-moulded, with the plan to have production casts ready for sale by the NAF Championship on 17/18 May (they may well be available sooner).

Also in the pipeline are a pair of Chaos Warriors. Again designed by Roberto Cirillo and being sculpted by John Pickford, these warriors will come in two poses, but with 5 variant heads and 4 variant arms to allow you to field 4 different models. Preview pictures will come in due course!

Happy dice rolling!


  1. Warriors I hear? huuum, that's interesting.... If they are just half as good as the beastmen, I'll want some.
    Hopefully I'll get my funds back for the release.

    Stop teasing and post us some concep art already !

    1. I'll try and post some concept art later today :)