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Wednesday, 12 March 2014

TFF Legacy Team Pestigor

Hi folks, I've just finished painting a conversion of one of the Beast Face beastmen into a Pestigor for the Talk Fantasy Football 'Legacy Team' 2014:

You can see more pictures and some notes on the conversion over at my personal blog, Magpie and Old Lead.

Feel free to share your painted pics of any Beast Face figures!

Monday, 3 March 2014

Minotaur Casting Update & Chaos Warrior Plans

A short update on the BFM plans for 2014. The minotaur is currently at the caster being master-moulded, with the plan to have production casts ready for sale by the NAF Championship on 17/18 May (they may well be available sooner).

Also in the pipeline are a pair of Chaos Warriors. Again designed by Roberto Cirillo and being sculpted by John Pickford, these warriors will come in two poses, but with 5 variant heads and 4 variant arms to allow you to field 4 different models. Preview pictures will come in due course!

Happy dice rolling!