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Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Thank you for waiting...

Sorry about the rather large delay between posts. There was somewhat of a scheduling hiccup following the master casting of the first 3 beasts, and the subsequent conversion of the 3 variants.

Thankfully I received notification yesterday evening that ace sculptor John Pickford has managed to find time in his schedule to complete the conversions...and here they are:

Three lovely new beasts - a three-armed runner/thrower type, an unhelmeted lineman, and a claw-endowed blitzer.

So, what's next? I should receive these in the next few days. I'll then pop to see Mouldmaker Pete and get them master cast. Then, we can start production. As soon as production casting starts, I can start selling!

Stay tuned!


  1. Good to see the project is back on track. The new sculpts looks fantastic - and I especially fancy the running back on the right. Awesome work from you guys :) ohh! and I'll like to pre-order a set of each, of course :)

  2. My favourite is the 3-armed thrower :) Still not sure on pricing - it will depend on the cost of the production casting, but I should have some prices in the next couple of weeks. I'll put your name top of the list!