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Friday, 24 August 2012

Greens in hand!

I was very excited to receive our first 3 greens earlier this week. If you've been frequenting the Talk Fantasy Football forums, you may have seen some of the preview pictures to date.

I'll be taking some nice shots of the greens over the weekend, but for now here's some scale shots so you can see how the figures compare to other FF ranges.

L-R: GW Minotaur, Heresy Wight, GW Prince Moranion, Beast Face Beastman Lineman, GW 2nd edition human Lineman

As above, but with the Beast Face Beastman Thrower 

As above, but with the Beast Face Beastman Blitzer
Final Note: bear with me as I sort through setting up the website. Things like pricing, postage details and so on are still being worked on. As soon as I have figures in stock and ready for sale, all those details will be sorted.

1 comment:

  1. Scale seems just right - and I'll be looking forward seeing what you really got :)

    And I want a set, no matter what the calculations ends up with - so consider this being a pre-order.