Welcome to Beast Face Miniatures; a fledgling range of high quality 28mm scale fantasy football miniatures, perhaps with a bit of a retro feel!

Friday, 31 August 2012

Master Casting Underway

Good news everyone, I dropped in to see Pete at The Mould Maker and he'll be adding the master casts of these greens to his queue. Hopefully in around 10-14 days, master casts will be done, and we can get moving!

I'll be putting up some more of the concept art over the next couple of days just to keep you interested!

Friday, 24 August 2012

Greens in hand!

I was very excited to receive our first 3 greens earlier this week. If you've been frequenting the Talk Fantasy Football forums, you may have seen some of the preview pictures to date.

I'll be taking some nice shots of the greens over the weekend, but for now here's some scale shots so you can see how the figures compare to other FF ranges.

L-R: GW Minotaur, Heresy Wight, GW Prince Moranion, Beast Face Beastman Lineman, GW 2nd edition human Lineman

As above, but with the Beast Face Beastman Thrower 

As above, but with the Beast Face Beastman Blitzer
Final Note: bear with me as I sort through setting up the website. Things like pricing, postage details and so on are still being worked on. As soon as I have figures in stock and ready for sale, all those details will be sorted.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Concept Sketches

I kicked off the work on the figures for the Beastman range by commissioning Roberto Cirillo to do us some concept sketches. Roberto has worked for a range of other miniatures companies including Games Workshop, Mantic, Privateer Press and others, and the experience shows! I may show all of the optioneering Roberto did for me another time, but after throwing a range of ideas at me, this was the final result for an archetype for our beasts.

Roberto did a cracking job on the concepts, working from my brief which was to come up with a design for a bull-headed beastman with retro-fantasy football armour, straps, and torn ragged clothing:

Check out Roberto's online gallery for more of his brilliant work